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Gift Registries

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Current Gift Registries


Mary Marshall Fariss and Connor Winkler | Wedding Date 12/3/22

Haleigh Breece and Dillon Sexton | Wedding Date 12/31/22

Anna Hood and Jack Ayers | Wedding Date 3/25/23

Molly Harris and Matt Keenan | Wedding Date 8/27/22

Grace Lackey and Jeremy Miller | Wedding Date 11/5/22

Amanda Naughton and Jes Smothers | Wedding Date 12/10/22

Lakisha Roseborough and Christian Witcher | Wedding Date 10/1/22

Maggie Grissom and Jacob Denton | Wedding Date 5/21/22

Hannah Webb and Tanner Ward | Wedding Date 5/28/22

Mary Ray Coble and Saylon Kieft | Wedding Date 5/14/22

Stephanie Sage and Spencer Witcher | Wedding Date 3/10/22

Adele Roberts and Jack Tucker | Wedding Date 3/12/22

Braeden Moore and Will Newman | Wedding Date 5/14/22

Morgan McDaniel and Daniel Gardner | Wedding Date 12/11/21

Mary Meade McMullan and Parker Holloway | Wedding Date 12/11/21

Lindsay Elmore and Will Klemme | Wedding Date 9/4/21

Elizabeth Crawford and Jacob Breece | Wedding Date 8/21/21

Michelle Hallows and Matthew Hubay | Wedding Date 11/7/20

Julia Fariss and Tyler Miles | Wedding Date 8/29/20

Weldon Morris and Jim Hussey | Wedding Date 8/29/20

Morgan Miller and Michael Qubein | Wedding Date 5/16/20

Victoria Miccoli and David Zenns | Wedding Date 5/2/20

Kaley Kobelia and Tyler Walsh | Wedding Date 9/21/19

Holland Harris and Andrew Barrios | Wedding Date 11/30/19

Charlotte Horney and Hunter Dawkins | Wedding Date 5/18/19

Allison Page Skillman and Jeremy Clayton | Wedding  Date - 5/18/19

Emily Finch and Trevor Johnson | Wedding Date - 4/27/19


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800 North Main St, Suite 104

High Point, NC